Capturing Magic Through The Lens

I’ve always had a love for awesome photography and videography and trying to emulate the masters of the art. I’m not there, but I’m learning.

Some of the latest interests include timelapse photographs. Not just capturing a single moment in time, but compressing time itself, visually.

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One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

Martial arts has been a passion of mine since I was 6 years old. What better way to combine the arts of photography, videography  and Budo, than photographs and movies of people doing martial arts?

Martial arts and photography/videography both require skill, sincere practice and dedication. They are a journey towards perfection, a journey that never ends.

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CAPturing the moment

freezing the moment, without interrupting the moment

Capturing the instant a punch lands, a throw is executed or a sword as it cuts the air requires knowledge of the martial artists’ skills and timing. It requires knowledge of the camera equipment used and understanding such technicalities as shutter latency. The photographer must be in the moment, anticipating the action, not interrupting it with needless movement or sounds.

Because I’ve worked with so many martial artists, they barely notice I’m there. This is just one way I capture the magic.