life’s moments, frozen in time

What We Do

An avid martial artist, photographer and videographer, we combine all three arts into one: capturing the moment in a photograph or a video.

The magic happens in an instant – when the shutter is released; but the art takes years to master.


what we do

At Frozen-In-Time we use photography and videography to capture life’s special moments:

MArtial arts

Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, BJJ, Aikido, Iaido and Jodo are just a few of the arts I’ve personally trained in over the past 40 years. I’ve had the opportunity to take photographs and videos of several masters of the arts.


Nothing freezes a moment in time like a still image. Timing and knowledge of the subject’s movements are are paramount importance. For portrait, landscape and timelapse photography knowledge of the technical aspects of the camera are just as important as the composition itself.


Modern still image cameras are now able to shoot very impressive video. Combined with great lenses and editing skills, these clips can be made into some stunning videos.

Photographer’s Spotlight

Julian frost

“I’ve always had a love for awesome photography. As a child, my father took me to London’s Heathrow Airport near and we stood at the end of the runway taking pictures of the British Airways Concorde supersonic passenger jet as it took off and flew over us. It was an incredible experience and we ended up with some amazing shots. I got a Zenit SLR camera and a few rolls of black and white film for my next birthday! Now I take photos and videos wherever I can.”